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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Where We Go... Tool #11

Although Dropbox is similar to GoogleDocs which I am more familiar with it, I actually really like it and have plans to use it. With Dropbox you can store photos, which I believe GoogleDocs doesn't have the capability.  I also plan to use Twitter and Edmodo in class. Both of these tools are a cool way to get the students connected on line, through projects, with any questions or concerns, and gives them an opportunity to have immediate feedback. 

I am excited for the new technology that will be available for my students in the classroom and can't wait to actually start using it. I understand that personally I need to keep up to date on technology in order to keep up with the kids and to have everything prepared. I envision that I will have to adjust some rules and procedures when the technology is in use, to take care of it, and to be responsible. 

I enjoyed this little journey through the 11 tools. I've always heard about Blogs but never really paid attention to the hype about them. I actually am proud to say I have my own Blog, I think its pretty darn cool. I've learned a lot about what is available out there to use as teaching tools for the kids. I plan to use this technology to my advantage and to theirs. I'm excited to see where in the classroom we go from here. 

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