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Friday, November 23, 2012

Oh The Places I'll go...One Day Tool#5

Oh The Places I'll go...One Day

I created the video in Animoto. I think it is a great video for my World Geo classes. I think it will help motivate them to finish their education and see the world...One Day.

Wide Awake Success

I had to set up Glogster accounts for all of my students in World Geography and used this as an example to show them what a Glog looks like. It is a bit inspirational I think. In W GEO we tend to do a lot of projects here and there about different countries. I think this is a great tool for them to use when needing to create a poster for a particular subject, country, or culture. Plus the advantage of having their work on line, they can show their parents or friends anytime from anywhere with internet access. I really like Glogster.

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