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Sunday, November 11, 2012


One week later...I still can't seem to finish this 11 tools thing and its driving me crazy. I think I have issues with focusing. I need to finish for sure before we return from Thanksgiving break (can't wait for that little breaky break), because my kids will be doing research and I need the technology in the classroom to accommodate their needs. I should be completing another section, but here I am thinking out loud instead. I am LOVING my new job as a teacher, more than I originally thought I would. I have so much to learn and am grateful for the mentors I have in my life helping guide me along my journey through my first year. I do have fears that maybe I'm not good enough, maybe I'm not teaching them anything, or maybe I'm not making learning fun. I'm sure I'm not the first one to ever think this way...whatever the outcome I know deep down that those fears are meaningless...I try to remain positive, happy, and receptive to help uphold my sanity. DYNAMO just scored!!!!! Focus Mari, Focus.

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