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Saturday, November 24, 2012

2 More Left to Go!!! Tool #9

I think it is important to tie the objective to technology when appropriate. 
The students at times are more engaged when technology is being used, and if they see it being tied to the objective then they know what lies ahead. 

It is important to hold students responsible for the use of the technology, because it is theirs. I always tell the kids that they are in our classroom five days a week over a long period of time, its like a second home to them and they should treat it with respect as they would their own home. They are little people that will one day turn into adults and they need to assume responsibility at this age to take care of things that technically aren't theirs, but are. 

I really like Learning Games for kids. I can use it for both my ELA and World Geography classes. Brainpop is not listed and I actually really like that website too, and the kids are familiar with it. 

One app that I liked was called Verses Poetry. It gives you a group of words and allows you to organize them however you want. This would be a great tool to help them practice writing poetry. We finished the poetry unit, but I actually plan on touching on it briefly again towards the end of the year. So, this app would help to refresh their memories. Stations could entail them writing a poem on their own or in a paring of two. Time management wouldn't be a big issue. A timer would help to let the students know when it is almost time to shut down and switch, and when it is actually time. 

Another app I came across was Animation Creator Lite to create comics. I think this app would be cool to use during Greek Mythology at the end of the year in ELA. Also, this would be a great app to use at any time for World Geography. Students could work in groups to create comics about other cultures and present them to the class to help them learn too. For Mythology students could use them in the same way to teach others about a Greek Mythological character they learned about.

1     Using the notepad app on the IPAD or IPOD could help students record their thoughts in a different way instead of writing them down. They could also alternate on taking turns on silent reading days to read a book on the ipad.

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