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Saturday, November 24, 2012

What's Up... Tool #8

I am familiar with the Apple and Dell products and didn't learn anything really new from the tutorial videos, except for probably proper names of ports and stuff. The Netbooks are convenient for the classroom but the login time is a hassle, especially when everyone is using the network at the same time. Tends to make them run really slow. Plus each of them not having their own cord is a hassle because they tend to die pretty quick. 

I will be excited to have all this technology in the room available for my students. I know they will appreciate it too. I will make sure to have rules and procedures in place for them when the technology is being used. I will also put stipulations on websites they can't go to. I will make sure they are all aware of consequences if they do not follow procedures. I have some great kids, so I know they will know what's up.

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