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Thursday, November 22, 2012

In all Seriousness Tool #3

VIDEO # 1 Be a Good Digital Citizen
I actually used this video in my World Geography class when we discussed how to be a good citizen. It was important for them to know that they don't just need to be a good citizen in their community or at school, but also on the web. All of them are students of the digital age and they need to know how to   not only protect themselves, but know that what they do on the web is out there for all to see. 

VIDEO#2 School Rock Adjectives
I used this video last week to help remind my kids that they need to add more detail to their expository descriptive writing. It is a bit old school, but they seemed to enjoy it and were very attentive. 

I've always known about copyright laws and the sort, but didn't quite understand the seriousness of it until now. I actually am planning to do a lesson on plagiarism this week, because my students will doing a research project. This will actually be the perfect time to go over copyright laws as well. I think the video with the dude signing would be good to show my 6th graders...even the cartoon compilation might me appropriate...BTWI loved it!

The Dropbox tool can be very helpful in the classroom. Although, I think I may stick with Google Docs. The two are very similar. I will have to navigate through Dropbox more to see which one I would prefer. It would be a great help in the classroom, especially when it comes to using as well. 

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