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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Keeping Up...Tool #7

It is a little more difficult to get through these tools when you are doing them alone, and most everyone on your campus has completed them. I'm doing the best I can with what I have. The idea of collaborating with other classes and students locally and around the world is genius. With the technology we have it is amazing to think what is actually at our fingertips.

If I were to collaborate with a class I think it would be great to use this tool during research in either ELA or World Geo.

Content Objective: Upon conducting research, students will produce a final multimedia presentation using available technology.

In ELA we are actually about to begin our research unit, so this may be a great time to implement this technology/lesson. If some students in different periods choose the same topic they could collaborate on information they have found. 

I plan to use as many of the tools as I can, depending on my comfort level. Although, I'm sure the students wouldn't have a problem figuring out how to use them. I plan on using GoogleDocs, Skype, and Animoto.

Students can actually team up with another student in a different class to do research. They can each find research on a certain subject and can keep in contact through any tool via the web. They can also present their information together through any tool that will allow them to create a power point or the such.

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