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Friday, November 23, 2012

In an Instant...Tool #6

It's still amazes me how much technology is a part of our everyday lives every minute of the day. For many years I was opposed to having my own personal Facebook and Twitter account. Although, about a year or so ago I gave into both, and now my life seems a little more fulfilled. So. I. Think. Could I do without either, probably so. The real question is if I want to, and the answer is no. I feel so up to date with things being apart of "In the Know, in seconds". This generation of kids is all about that and I think as educators we really need to stay up with modern times or we could end up being more lost than we already are. 

I chose to create a professional account for Twitter with the name of 
LMS Olivarez Class at Twitter
I included some Tweets on that page that I could ask students to respond to. I think it would be fun and quite educational for the students to follow institutions like CNN News, ABC 13, National Geographic, The New Yorker on Twitter. This would also allow them to be informed of what is happening at the moment they are searching. Twitter can be used as a forum to connect to others around the world and even with other students in all of my classes. 

I can also use EDMODO to help connect students in class. Instead of a 140 character Tweet they would have the ability to write more. I could set up stations where answering a question on Edmodo would be an activity that needs to be done. An example would be like this message I posted in Edmodo...

Edmodo 1st & 5th ELA

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